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07 June 2011 @ 02:20 pm
i haven't used lj in so longggggg !!! mega hiatus ?!?

(: i'm in uni now, failing as hardcore as fuck. um .. not much else.

hahahah last time i posted i was 17 ahhhh, so long ago. and it wasn't even like a real post, it was like a i'm going to go somewhere else post. i don't even use my blogspot anymore unless i have to post something really really really private, haha. living at tumblr now basically, it's so streamlined and easy to use. and graphics everywhereee : D

but i miss having a mood button lmao. and reading people's actual blog entries. not the graphic bullshit everywhere on tumblr. except i really love tumblr. but all i do is reblog photos. i don't know what im sayingggggg. maybe lj just makes me feel nostalgic.
23 May 2009 @ 12:14 am
so i'm pretty much living at facebook & my private blogspot for now.
until school is over and summer arrives. (:
later gators.
10 January 2004 @ 04:14 pm
Aww...Poor Dai had a fight with Dark. Stupid Javier. He's just jealous of Dai. o_o Green eyed monster. Ehh...-pokes- =^-^= I just made a new background thing. Haruka added the bubbles. -supersnugdeedugsher- Uh..yeah o_o
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20 December 2003 @ 08:37 pm
(: Hurlo. It's me again. La la la la...I feel so lonely ): So bored. And...yeah. Anyways, school break just started. I forgot to put something on my poster..Eeee...I have nothing to say T_____T
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13 December 2003 @ 10:34 pm
Moo x3
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13 December 2003 @ 10:32 pm
Ew. It's me. My first time posting on Live journal o_O